Kelly Lowe Astrologer
Kelly Lowe is a professional Astrological Coach, author and educator. She has been practicing astrology for over 30 years. Her expertise lies in helping her clients define and achieve their goals and select the most efficient time to accomplish them, whether the focus is on personal or business.  She is a trusted advisor to individuals around the world as well as companies both large and small.
She has taught astrology at Seminole State College, Daytona Beach State College and studied ancient astrology on the Greek Isle of Kos. She has appeared on national television, as a regular guest on several radio shows, and has written a weekly newspaper column.  Her first book is featured below, and a second book is on the way very soon.


“An Astrologer’s Journey” is an inspirational and entertaining voyage. You don’t need to be an astrologer or even know anything about astrology to appreciate and enjoy Kelly Lowe’s journey as she shares her secrets of living a happy, fulfilling life.