An Astrologer’s Journey

My Life With The Stars

By Kelly Lowe

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“An Astrologer’s Journey” is an inspirational and entertaining voyage. You don’t need to be an astrologer or even know anything about astrology to appreciate and enjoy Kelly Lowe’s journey as she shares her secrets of living a happy, fulfilling life.

Join Kelly as she travels through thirty years of stimulating life experiences on a journey that carries the reader from her early search for meaning to her calling as a professional astrologer. Along the way, her passion has convinced many others to “come aboard” and make her passage their own.

An Astrologer’s Journey is filled with insights into how “living with the stars” can help anyone to sail with a more favorable wind.

Bon Voyage!

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Review of An Astrologer’s Journey by Dell Horoscope

“Astrologer Kelly Lowe takes an unusual and welcome approach to exploring the celestial arts in An Astrologer’s Journey. Written in the first person as the story of how she got into astrology and what she ‘s learned along the way, this tale takes the reader behind the scenes of the astrological community, while explaining many of the most interesting astrological principles. A few pages introduce the language of astrology, and then her story begins with her first astrology reading, an event that changed her life.

After you read the section on the Jupiter connection, you’ll want to compare the position of your Sun Jupiter on your partner’s Sun Jupiter. This combination –one person’s Jupiter on the other’s Sun–is like having a Guardian Angel. It’s a magical connection that enhances your personal and professional life, so that you often feel uplifted and motivated when this person is around.

Gems like this pop up throughout the narrative, so bring a highlighter with you when you read this marvelously entertaining and illuminating journal.”

By Chris Lorenz,
Dell Horoscope