Mercury Retrograde Aug. 30 – Sept. 22nd

It doesn’t seem possible that this summer is already coming to an end. The kids are going back to school, and in some states have already started! On August 30th, Mercury, the planet that rules communications, mental activity, travel and computers will once again be stationing retrograde, this time in Virgo. It will remain there through September 22nd. The last retrograde cycle was April 28 – May 22 in Taurus. It seems like only yesterday.
It always amazes me when people who know nothing about astrology all of a sudden become very interested as soon as the subject of mercury retrograde arises, especially when it is retrograde. Everyone living on this planet can relate to this cycle. Even the media has mentioned it. I can recall watching CNBC when they were interviewing Arch Crawford, a well know financial astrologer. He was discussing how the stocks are affected when Mercury is retrograde.
Mercury stations retrograde three times a year for 21 days, giving us an opportunity to play catch up. This can be a very productive cycle if you take advantage of it to re-group, re-organize, re-read, re-write, and re-process information. This cycle is especially productive when Mercury is retrograde in Virgo. It is a better time to complete projects rather than to try to begin new ones. When Mercury is Rx we can take the time to take a second look. It is best not to make major decisions during this cycle. Try not to sign contracts or commit to long term commitments. Chances are things will not go as planned. Communications can become tangled and confused so always try to be clear and precise during this cycle.
If you are traveling or making travel arrangements during this cycle, you will want to double check all of your plans and itinerary.
I find this to be a very productive time for projects like cleaning out closets and drawers or organizing the files on my computer. Then there is the box of receipts that needs to be sorted through. What have you got on your organizing “to-do list” that you have been putting off? Make it a productive Mercury Rx cycle and you’ll feel very accomplished and satisfied when the cycle is complete.
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Wishing you peace, love and laughter,

Kelly Lowe