An Astrologer’s Journey – My life with the Stars

By Kelly Lowe

First time author, prominent Astrology consultant and speaker Kelly Lowe shares the amazing voyage of her life, guided by the forces of the Sun, Moon and Stars.

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In Kelly Lowe’s entertaining book, An Astrologer’s Journey, the author comes to astrology like most people, Looking for someone and something to help solve the puzzle of her life. But for Kelly it becomes the moment of departure on a long voyage. Astrology becomes her lifelong journey and her profession. She sails life’s seas with passion, joy and sincere kindness, and inspires many people to put their trust in her as an astrological counselor.

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by Mary Plumb

Oct./Nov. 2013 * The Mountain Astrologer                                                                                                                  

An Astrologer’s Journey: My Life with the Stars by

Kelly Lowe, CHB Media, 3039 Needle Palm Drive, Edgewater,

FL 32141, 2011. Softcover—$14.99—174 pp. (ISBN

978-0-9822819-8-7). Available from:

An Astrologer’s Journey is Kelly Lowe’s story of discovering

astrology and her study, practice, and teaching in the field

for 30 years. Beginning as a young single woman, looking for

“Mr. Right” (sound familiar?), she started with books on astrological

compatibility. She was drawn to astrology for its ability

to offer “concrete explanations” and help her get to know

herself better. Over the years, she studied metaphysics as well

and developed a respect for astrology’s gifts in matters of the


 This book is Lowe’s personal narrative, and she is a

friendly and inviting storyteller. It’s fun hearing about the

teachers she studied with, the authors that most impressed

her, and the conferences she attended. She describes her

work with clients and teaches quite a bit of practical astrology

along the way. She writes about her life, her travels, and her

relationships, the good times and the stressful. Her topics

include Jupiter connections as one’s guardian angels, the

Moon traveling through its phases and signs, eclipses,

Mercury retrograde, relationship timing, and compatibility.

Everything is taught by examples from clients and family,

which is an easy-to-assimilate and effective teaching method.

Kelly Lowe writes that, when she found astrology, “My

life changed and I knew I had been given a precious gift I

could share with others.” That simple appreciation and generosity

infuse her charming book. An Astrologer’s Journey: My

Life with the Stars ends with a succinct thought about how

we might best use astrology: “Look to the stars to understand

where you are, where you’ve been, and what lies ahead.

Then just relax, let the wind fill your sails, and enjoy the






Review by Dell Horoscope

“Astrologer Kelly Lowe takes an unusual and welcome approach to exploring the celestial arts in An Astrologer’s Journey. Written in the first person as the story of how she got into astrology and what she ‘s learned along the way, this tale takes the reader behind the scenes of the astrological community, while explaining many of the most interesting astrological principles. A few pages introduce the language of astrology, and then her story begins with her first astrology reading, an event that changed her life.

After you read the section on the Jupiter connection, you’ll want to compare the position of your Sun Jupiter on your partner’s Sun Jupiter. This combination –one person’s Jupiter on the other’s Sun–is like having a Guardian Angel. It’s a magical connection that enhances your personal and professional life, so that you often feel uplifted and motivated when this person is around.

Gems like this pop up throughout the narrative, so bring a highlighter with you when you read this marvelously entertaining and illuminating journal.”

By Chris Lorenz,
Dell Horoscope