New Moon in Libra Oct. 8, 2018 @ 11:47 PM EDT

Reflect, review and revisit old relationship patterns.
No, Mercury is not retrograde again, but this is the theme of the approaching new moon in Libra. As we are in the balsamic or dark phase of the moon it is an excellent time to think about your relationship patterns. When the moon is in Libra we are intuitively drawn to those thoughts.
I encourage you take this time to reflect and think about what you want in your relationship or what you want to attract in a new relationship. The new moon in Libra is an excellent time to focus on this. Write it down. Send it out there. Make your list. If you’re not awake at 11:47 pm on Monday, make your list on Tuesday.
If you are a Libra, or your moon is in Libra, this will be an especially auspicious new moon for you.
More about relationships….. Venus, the planet that rules love and money, went retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th. Scorpio is all about researching and getting to the truth. When Venus is retrograde it brings our focus to our values, our relationships and our finances. It’s all about love and money until November 16th. The term retrograde means that the planet is moving in an apparent backward motion and therefore it is not operating at full speed. It is in a sort of recharging mode or cycle. It’s a time to review and re-evaluate our relationships and finances.
This is also a time when you could run into or hear from a lover from your past. I used to say don’t be surprised if you get an unexpected phone call, but now I’ll say a text, imessage, or Facebook request from an old flame. Could be interesting.
I know this will be an active time for many of you. I would love to hear your feedback about whatever you encounter!
What’s going on in your life?
I always enjoy hearing from you, especially when Venus is retrograde. I respond to all questions and communications. I am also available for private consultations and speaking engagements. Please email me to schedule a personal appointment or an AstroParty.
May you enjoy peace, love, and laughter in your life,

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