Specialized Consultations

Timing is Everything

By Phone, Skype, Or Email

Is now the right time to make a change?

Looking for the best time to get married, start a business, buy or sell a home, start a family or make a career move? Give Kelly the particulars and she’ll help you select the most advantageous time for the occasion. A captain wouldn’t think of setting out to sea without first checking the weather forecast. Why start a business, a marriage or anything important without checking your Astrological Chart for the best time?

(Allow approx. 1 hr.)

The Business Consultation

By Phone, Skype, Or Email

Are you choosing the most advantageous time to make important decisions about your company and its future?

Using your company’s starting date, or incorporation date, Kelly can determine the most advantageous times for you to:
*Develop new products and services
*Advertise and promote your business
*Time mailings for greatest effectiveness
*Buy or sell properties
*Assess new employees and match employees with the right job
*Time expansion projects

Just like plans made with any outside business coach, Kelly can provide valuable information to help you plan on how to start, maintain or grow your business.  Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to put yourself ahead of your competition.

(Allow approx. 1 hr.)

Are You Getting The Most From Your Relationships?
By Phone, Skype, Or Email

Compatibility Consultation – Romantic or professional

Every relationship has its strengths and weaknesses.  A compatibility session with Kelly can help you to appreciate the strengths and work through the weaknesses.

Whether its your soul mate, life partner, or business partner,  Kelly will analyze both of your astrological charts prior to consultation, and will help you obtain a better understanding of yourself and your partner or potential partner.

(Allow approx. 1 hr. 15 min)

Where you live can be as important to your well being and success as any other influence in your life!

By Phone, Skype, Or Email

Astro-Locality Consultation

Thinking of relocating or taking a trip? Have you recently re-located? Have you have ever noticed that you just feel better in some locations then in others? An Astro-Locality consultation with Kelly help you to select the most advantages place to live to enhance your personal and professional life.

Included in this consultation is a printed geographical analysis for 3 potential locations which will be emailed to you. Weather you are looking for a place to take your dream vacation, make a new home, or start a new business, This information can be invaluable to you.

(Allow approx. 1 hr. 15 min)