Dear Kelly:

Thank you for the excellent advice on timing.

We put our house on the market, had one offer on March 1, and closed the sale and purchase of the little Alsacian house today. My house passed inspection, appraisal, and the VA loan beautifully, and sold for $10,000 under asking price, giving me a very generous profit after purchasing the other house.

It was quite smooth. Thank you for your help.  I’ve been pretty stressed about the move which is tomorrow- birthday- Monday, but delighted!


Garda T. Dallas, TX

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for being my “shining-star” in lighting my life’s path. You have confirmed what my heart has painfully carried along this road and my faith tells me there is a golden road just up ahead fro me.

Bless you lovely one,
Debra Syfert

“Thank you for the great reading this afternoon.  I get so much out of a session with you new insight, better decision making, and encouragement.

The Best,

It was probably as much Amazement as it was Neptune.  I left wondering how you knew me so well and how you nailed some past and present life experiences.  Pretty incredible reading!

Bobbie P.