Full moon in Libra April 19, 2019

You won’t want to miss this full moon in Libra on April 19th @ 7:12 am. This has been a banner year for full moons. We began with the January Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse. In March there was a Super Moon and this month we will see a Pink Blush Moon, weather permitting. This could be even more spectacular. How profound that it would be on Good Friday.

In case you didn’t get the message last month you are going to have another opportunity to work on your relationships, partnerships and interactions with associates. 
The full moon is when that which you have been waiting for will come to fruition. It’s when the check comes in the mail. Maybe you’ll get that refund check. It is also a time to let go and release that which no longer serves you. This could be a relationship or “things” that you have been holding on to. It’s a perfect time to “declutter” your life and make room for happiness.
Emotions run high. Just a reminder that as we are approaching the full moon emotions tend to run higher. Be careful not to overreact or let your emotions get the better of you.
With this full moon in Libra you will have a strong need for balance and harmony in your life. You will probably desire to keep things “nice” rather than venturing into fundamental questions that may disturb the peace. You must learn to share your good and bad feelings. Don’t be afraid to be who you really are, despite what is expected of you.
This Libra moon opposite the sun in Aries could bring challenges related to your most committed relationships and bring them to the surface. Think about any weak spots in your marriage, business partnership or close friendships. They will surface in a way that forces you both to take action — try to get on the same page early.
Happy Birthday Taurus! Uranus has begun his journey through your sun sign. This can be a revolutionary time in your life. When you will be motivated to express yourself and do something wild and crazy. I know, this is not the normal flow for a Taurus, so it may feel a bit odd at first. (check out my video for more info)

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