July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse in Cancer

The new moon and the seven days following are known to be the best time for setting your intentions, planting the seeds and laying the ground work for that which you want to manifest in your life. It is the ideal time to build a framework for what is going on during that month. When it is an eclipsed moon…it is even more significant.  It sets the tone and focus for the months to come.

On July 2nd will have a new moon, solar eclipse in Cancer @ 3:16 PM EDST

Wherever the sign of Cancer is in your chart is where you will be developing emotional security, enduring values, getting comfortable and building a connection. It is these areas that are the most resilient and continue to grow. Cancer’s job is to feed the rest of the chart and everyone has the sign of Cancer somewhere in their chart. So what area of your chart is being fed and where is your need for security?  In addition to your sun sign you may want read the sign that is on your ascendant if you know what it is.  Each new moon each month we take a look at that area of our life.

When a new moon is an eclipse it’s has a longer shelf life. This new moon is dealing with feelings, family nostalgia, emotional issues and memories. It’s about personal security and emotional security.

Aries – You are born to be active and involved.  Your home and family will be very important to you during this solar eclipse cycle.  This is where you will feel your sense of security and foundation.  It will be important to return to your roots. Get a new lease on life, maybe make changes (I know, change is a magic word for Aries).  Start a new or different lifestyle. Redecorate or remodel your home. Make yourself feel secure in your home.

Taurus – You are born to be secure and tenacious. It’s important to know that you have value. This eclipse cycle will affect your day to day activities and sense of routine.   It will be important for you to be flexible, both mentally and physically. Be open to making adjustments. Think about how important communications are in your life. You may have to get used to a day to day fluctuation and be open to new idea. (I know, fluctuation is not a comfort zone for Taurus.)

Gemini – You are born to be social, active and satisfy your thirst for knowledge.  Your focus during this eclipse cycle will be on what you value and what is important to you in the area of finances. You will want to be sure your finances are in order and be confident that you have your own money. Do you know how to take care of what you have?  What kind of resource do you have so that you will continue to be and feel secure? What is your cash flow and sense of security? This area will always be fertile. You will always be ok. But your mood about it may change from time to time.

Cancer – You are born to be a nurturer. This can be a very significant and transforming lunation cycle for you.  Think about where you want to put yourself.  What would make you feel comfortable? What will help you define who you are and make you feel secure?  Wherever you are, there you are. This eclipse is all about you. You need to know who you are and have your own space and identity.

Leo – You are born to be creative and a positive personality in the way you present yourself to the world.  No one will ever know if you are having a bad day.This eclipse will bring your desire and need for inner peace and finding a sense of comfort within yourself.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s either inner peace or inner nightmare.  You need to bringing comfort from the deepest part of yourself to feel peace in whatever is going on. This would be an excellent time to develop a good meditation practice.

Virgo – You are a person who needs to take care of yourself and create a sense of order in your environment.  This eclipse cycle will bring focus to you having good connections socially, which is where you will feel your sense of security.  You will be dealing with people on a day to day basis: clubs, groups, organizations.  This is also when you will focus on your goals, hopes, dreams and wishes. Socialize, have a good time.  Have a party!

Libra – You are a person who needs balance and harmony in your life.  It’s important for you to be in a relationship and feel a sense of balance and security. What makes you feel secure, what kind of public image do you have.  How do you connect with the world? What kind of career do you have? This is the focus for you during this eclipse cycle.  Things should really begin to happen for you.  Did you build a nest for yourself out in the world? This is when you will reap the benefits.

Scorpio – You are a person who needs to come into their own power. Get comfortable in your own skin. This eclipse will increase your desire for knowledge and a higher understanding of life. You will feel more secure by getting a bigger perspective on life, education or connecting with people that bring you security. What have other people brought into your life?  You may decide where to make a connection to bring you security. You could decide to take up a new course of study or interest.

Sagittarius – You are born to explore, expand and get the big picture. You have a good philosophy in life and feel good about yourself.  This eclipse cycle will focus on how you are connecting with other people and what they have brought into your life regarding joint finances and investments.  What makes you feel financially secure and what do you need to invest in to make you feel more comfortable at this stage in your life?

Capricorn – You are born to be structured and to take responsibility.  This eclipse will bring a focus to your relationships, either marriage or business.  New patterns of growth and changes are developing. Positive new things may be developing in the area of relationships.  New people may be coming into your life.

Aquarius – You are born to be independence and unique.  You don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  This eclipse will bring attention to your day to day activities and habits. You may find yourself making adjustments to your daily routine.  It’s about coping, schedules at work, how you take care of your health, getting into a healthy routine.  It’s about what you have to do to feel healthy. What’s your routine? What’s your comfort food? This is where your focus is driving you during this eclipse cycle.

Pisces – You are born to resonate with the peace within you and share your empathy. This can be a very inspirational and creative solar eclipse cycle for you, as you can perceive yourself any way that you want to be. You may be spontaneous and creative. What’s going on with your children?  A new romance could come into your life or maybe take dance classes.  Look at what you enjoy doing. Do something that makes you feel forever youthful. It’s about figuring out how to enjoy life for you.

I always enjoy hearing from you and with so much going on this may be the perfect time for you to connect or reconnect with me for more personal information. I’m sure we will have a lot to talk about.
May you enjoy peace, love & laughter,
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