Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Jan. 10, 2020

So how will the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn and the planetary cycles impact you this year?
Capricorns are in the spotlight again as they are being called to make big changes and adjustments this year as they are responding to the Dec. 26th solar eclipse in their sun sign and the Pluto, Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. They will be rebuilding their infrastructure and reorganizing their life. There is a call to action for you this year and you will be motivated to rise to the occasion.
Libras – as difficult as it might be to change, you too will be motivated to re-evaluate your life and make the necessary changes in the new year.
Virgos and Taurus – Will find that opportunities will present themselves and they too will be called to make changes as Uranus, the initiator is traveling through Taurus. Expect the unexpected and you will not be taken by surprise.
Sagittarius are enjoying the energy of Mars the energizer bunny going through their sun sign until the middle of Feb.
Aries and Leos are also feeling the Mars energy giving them the drive and motivation to kick off the new year.
Cancers will find this lunar eclipse to be very significant and personal for them. It can be a year for significant changes and expansion. There is focus on personal growth and taking charge.
Aquarians are enjoying Venus traveling through their sign. This is the planet that love and money. This is time when you will want to have fun, socialize and enjoy the compliments that are coming your way. It’s a great way to start the year.
Scorpios and Pisces will feel the support of this eclipse as it is making a nice connection with their sun. This will be a very inspiring and healing year for you. You will want to set time aside to be introspective and meditate about the changes you want to make and the direction you want to go.
Geminis are coasting also with Mars opposing their Sun thru med February, putting them in a responsive and reactive mode. They are always busy in of themselves, but  now they are also having to accommodate others and budget their time more carefully
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