Lunar Eclipse July 5, 2020 The stage is was set

The stage was set December 26, 2019 with the new moon, solar eclipse in Capricorn. This was about getting in touch with our roots and our foundation. Jupiter, the expander, Saturn, the taskmaster and Pluto, the transformer, were also dancing through Capricorn. This powerful planetary combustion gave us a preview of what was to come. And it came… We have certainly been transformed and taken to task in an expansive way.

The approaching full moon, lunar eclipse on July 5th will also set the tone for a very powerful course of events. The full moon is when that which has been planted or initiated during the new moon will come to light or to fruition. Information will be revealed. Keep in mind that we can feel the effects of an eclipse for 6 months. The stage was set in December 2019 and the story continues to unfold through the end of this year.

What can you do? We can only control ourselves and how we respond to a situation. But knowledge is power, and astrology is a tool that can help us understand what is going on and how long it will last.

Make yourself feel secure. This eclipse in Capricorn and the parade of planets going thru Capricorn are about taking control of your life. Take care of yourself during these very profound and intense times. We are all in the midst of powerful changes. The system is changing. The world is changing.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020 set the tone for us to take care of business…

2020 is a year of flushing out and recycling in a deep way. At the end of 2020 Saturn will leave Capricorn and go into Aquarius. 2021 will be about modern technology, moving forward and doing things in a different way. Saturn in Capricorn has been laying the framework for us since 2018, bringing our focus to planning and structuring our life. What do you want the rest of your life to look like? It is important to take care of yourself.

This Jupiter/Pluto conjunction that is taking place all year is a revelation for us all. It is revealing information.

And then there is Mercury Rx….

Mercury will be Retrograde until July 12th… To quote, CBS Sunday Morning, “The COVLD-19 gives spring cleaning a new meaning. Cleaning gives structure to a very unstructured life.” That is exactly what this Mercury retrograde cycle is also doing for us. As if it were possible to clean or organize anything else in our home! CBS Sunday Morning has given me a lot of material to share and write about, which was a motivation for my second book.

When you put your home in order you are putting yourself in order at the same time. Cleaning keeps you busy, creative, and connected. It can be a great therapy and a great motivation during this Mercury retrograde cycle… Maybe the virus will be gone when Mercury goes direct… ha,ha!


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When the eclipse is in Capricorn there is a focus on personal and social responsibility. Wherever Capricorn is in your chart is where you will want to place your focus and energy. This is where you will want to focus on building your foundations in the outside world. What mark will you make? What will you contribute? Capricorn describes the need to define your social territory, to find security.

In addition to your sun sign you may want to read the sign that is on your ascendant, if you know what it is. This is a thumbnail sketch of the focus for each sun sign as you are working with the energy of the solar eclipse. For more in-depth personal information, you may want to contact me for a consultation.

I always enjoy connecting and hearing from you and appreciate your thoughts and comments. I respond to all communications.  Kelly Lowe

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