March 9, 2020 Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury going direct, Neptune conj. the Sun. Venus conj. Uranus

New Moon in Pisces Feb. 23, 2020
February 22, 2020
New Moon in Aries March 24, 2020 and Saturn going into Aquarius
March 24, 2020

March 9, 2020 Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury going direct, Neptune conj. the Sun. Venus conj. Uranus

These are certainly very interesting times. The stock market has been a tumultuous roller coaster ride, and everyone is taking precautions to stay healthy. The full Moon in Virgo on March 9th is occurring within hours of

Mercury going direct. The next few weeks should be very interesting and enlightening as we begin to move forward.

When the Moon is traveling through the sign of Virgo there is a tendency to be more conscious of your health and diet. Also, you’ll want to pay more attention to details. It is a great time to go on a cleaning frenzy. Emotions always run high during the days building up to and following the full Moon. Anything that is going on in your life will be magnified, so try not to overreact.

The full Moon is when things come to fruition, the check arrives in the mail.


This is a great time to get things done. Virgo is the most productive of the signs, always wanting plenty to do and work on, and the full Moons are times of manifestation and accomplishments. It is all about doing it now. And with Mercury going direct on the same day as the full Moon this can be a very productive time.

The full Moon is opposing Neptune and conjunct the Sun which may be an issue for mental clarity and creating confusion. It can also be a time of compassion, sympathy and a desire to help others.

Jupiter, the guardian angel, is making a nice connection with this full Moon, bringing the potential for good fortune, trust, and faith. This can be an idealistic and spiritually enlightening lunation and an overall positive influence. It also brings hope, faith, and moral integrity.

Mercury is going direct on March 9th – Communications and projects can once again being to move forward with fewer delays and interruptions.

I have had to call my computer guru several times during this retrograde cycle which began Feb. 17th. Checks have been lost in the mail, not to mention the paperwork in my office piling up. The good news is that I’m getting a lot of cleaning and sorting out done. Yes, I’m ready for Mercury to go direct.

For those who were born with their Sun or Moon in Virgo or Pisces this can be a very eventful, auspicious and active lunation.

The spotlight is still on Capricorns, as they are still working with a full plate with Saturn, the tester, teacher and organizer, and Pluto, the transformer, Mars the energizer bunny and Jupiter, the guardian angel all have a party in their Sun sign. The full Moon is also interacting with all of these planets setting all the wheels in motion. If you feel like there is a lot going on, it is not your imagination, there is. Everyone is feeling it, but especially Capricorns.

Taurus and Virgos are being supported by all of this Capricorn energy and the Virgo full Moon. Uranus is traveling through Taurus so remember to stay flexible and expect the unexpected. I know that is not easy for a Taurus. Venus the planet that rules love and money is also traveling through Taurus. This should be a very pleasant time for you.

The stock market – Financial astrologer’s have noted that the stock market tends to change directions when Mercury goes retrograde and direct. But we know that the market it is also driven by may factors. It will be interesting to observe it on March 9th, with the full Moon and Mercury going direct at the same time.

Daylight savings time – Remember to set you clocks again on Saturday night.

I always enjoy hearing from you and respond to all questions and communications.

May you enjoy peace, love and blessings,


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