Mercury Rx – Full Moon and the stock market

                                                                                         Just about the time we will be saying goodbye to Venus Retrograde,

                                                                                                                                      we will be greeting Mercury Rx.

January 14th – Mercury, the planet that rules communication, mental activity, travel and computers will be stationing retrograde.

Although this typically is not a fun time it can be productive if you choose to use it to your advantage. As they say, “Forewarned is forarmed.” This is a great time to regroup, reorganize and reprocess information. It is best to avoid signing contracts during the retrograde, but if you must be sure to read the small print.

January 17th – First Full Moon of the new year. The nurturing Cancer Moon will oppose the structured, organized Sun in Capricorn. Our focus is on making changes as Pluto the transformer will be dancing with the Sun and opposing the Moon, infusing the structure and magnitude of this powerful lunation. We will strive to organize and achieve balance in our life, home and family/work and business. It’s time to change or let go of that which no longer is working for you.

And to help make the changes a little easier, Uranus in Taurus will trine Venus in Capricorn. (trines are a good thing) Taurus is ruled by Venus which will enhance your luck and good fortune. This may bring unexpected financial gain, or a friendship could blossom into romance.

Venus going direct January 29th – There is a branch of astrology that specializes in the stock market and financial trading. Most of these astrologers are former traders and/or brokers. So they combine their trading knowledge and experience with astrology. I am admittedly not one of those, but I have followed their research.

From what I have studied and observed, there is a correlation to the direction of the market and astrology. For example, the market usually changes direction around the time of a full moon and when Mercury and/or Venus station retrograde or direct. I say usually, not always, because it appears that there are extenuating circumstances to this rule. So I wouldn’t bet the bank on it, but for those of you who are so inclined you might want to keep an eye on the market.


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