New Moon in Taurus May 11, 2021

The new moon in Taurus is about finding your personal comfort zone. It will offer the sort of peace and quiet that you need. And when you have a moment to stop your swirling thoughts around the coming weeks and months, you may strike upon an important realization about how you cultivate comfort.

May 11th – New Moon in Taurus @ 3:00 pm est – The moon is exalted in Taurus, so we’re looking at a strong, tenacious new lunar cycle… This is the time to plant the seeds and lay the groundwork for that which you want to nurture, cultivate, and manifest into your life and your surroundings. Start a new project. Plant a garden. Buy a plant. When the moon is in Taurus and especially when it is a new moon, there is a tendency to focus on material and financial security. You will enjoy being comfortable in your home. This is a good time to enjoy and appreciate the earthly beauty that surrounds you. This new moon is being supported by Pluto in Capricorn the transformer, adding strength and resolve to your intentions.

If you are one of those fortunate people who were born with your Sun, Moon or ascendant in Taurus this will be a very personal and productive lunar cycle for you.

Virgos and Capricorns can also take advantage of this turbo charged energy.

May 9th – 10th – Balsamic Moon – Keep in mind that the 2 days prior to the new moon are known as the balsamic phase or the dark of the moon. Anything that is initiated during this time is not likely to endure. This time can be best used for completion. This is not a favorable time to initiate something new, or try to make new contacts.

May 13thJupiter in Pisces – Expansive Jupiter will be swimming into the intuitive sign of Pisces starting a two-month spiritual journey in which we may be inspired to expand our hearts, revel in fantasy, and dream up our ideal lives.

Those who were born with their Sun, Moon or ascendant in Pisces could find this to be a very auspicious 2 months.

Happy Birthday Gemini!

May 20th Sun enters Gemini @ 3:37 pm est – It’s going to be a very interesting year for you with the Lunar Eclipse opposing your Sun and Mercury stationing retrograde in your Sun sign.

May 26th Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius @ 7:14 am est – This is when you can look for your intentions to manifest. (My Sun Sign Forecast will follow.)

May 29th – June 22nd – Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini @ 6:34 pm est – Forewarned is forearmed…. More about that later. You may want to just keep those dates in mind as you are making your summer travel plans. Now that things are starting to open up again everyone seems to be making plans to reconnect with family, friends reschedule those trips that were cancelled, which is a wonderful thing…

There is a lot going on this month and I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so I’ll be posting more about the eclipse and how it will impact you later.

I always enjoy and appreciate hearing from you and respond to all communication. Are you ready to embrace this busy month and set your intention with the new moon?

May you enjoy peace, love and good friends,

Kelly Lowe

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