New Moon in Taurus May 6, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that we are into May already and summer is just almost upon us. I don’t even want to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas……

You will want to take advantage of these next few days to plan and prepare for the new moon in Taurus on May 4th @ 6:46 pm. This is when you will want to set your intentions and make your list for that which you would like to manifest in your life. This is a very powerful tool. I encourage you to take advantage of it.

The moon is exalted when it is in the sign of Taurus, which means that this will be an especially powerful and productive time. This is when you want to plant the seeds and initiate anything that you want to have longevity.

The Farmer’s Almanac refers to this as an excellent time to plant a garden. What is it that you would like to plant in your garden of life?

If you were born with your sun or moon in Taurus this will be an especially significant new moon for you. You will definitely want to take advantage of setting your intentions and initiating your hearts desires.

Keep in mind that the “balsamic” or dark of the moon is May 3rd until the evening of the 4th. This is the time for closure rather than initiation.

If you have been following my newsletter and in the practice of making an “intentions list” on a monthly basis, it’s a good idea to review your list to appreciate what you have already manifested with your previous intentions. You may also want to add and delete from this list on each new moon, as your priorities and desires may have changed.

Sun Sign Highlights:

Capricorns are still feeling the influence of Saturn’s influence for structure and organization in their life.

Uranus has finally stopped rocking Aries’ world and begun his journey through Taurus, giving Taurus a boost or a jolt depending upon how they choose to use the super charge. Best to stay flexible. Not an easy task for Taurus. Aries probably had more fun with this.

Aries will be enjoying Venus, the planet that rules love and money, traveling through their sign until the middle of May. A great time for romance and financial gains.

Sagittarius is still being ingratiated by Jupiter’s visit. Jupiter is usually the barer of gifts and opportunity, but you must be open and willing to take advantage of the invitation. While traveling through Sagittarius, she is also making a nice connection with Aries and Leo. Unless you’ve got something else going on in your chart to offset this positive influence, this should be a nice ride until the end of the year. And then it will be Capricorn’s turn to get a boost.

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