Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – December 4, 2021 – Time to move forward

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November 14, 2021
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December 14, 2021

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – December 4, 2021 – Time to move forward

In addition to your Sun sign you will also want to read your ascendant sign…

 Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

You will find this eclipse to be auspicious, accelerating and motivating. You will want to take action and move forward with your aspirations and desires. You’re bursting with creativity and a thrust for knowledge. Love and romance may be in the air and passion is one thing you surely aren’t short of. Think of this eclipse as a full speed ahead to pursue any passion projects you’ve been dreaming up and make time to care for your inner child. Beginning each day with childhood joy will change your life. You will feel the influence of the eclipse for about 90 days and 2022 will be full steam ahead for you.

You are beaming with creativity! Love and romance may be in the air and passion is one thing you surely aren’t short of. Think of this eclipse as a final cosmic burst to pursue any passion projects you’ve been dreaming up or make time to care for your inner child. Infuse each day with some childhood joy will change your life. If you’ve been eager to shed your skin and start fresh, this final solar eclipse asks you to step into your authenticity and focus on yourself and who you want to be.

Earth sign: Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn

It is time to go deep within your psyche. It’s time to shine a light under the rug. What feelings have you been hiding from yourself and others? It’s time to acknowledge some of your past pain and trauma. The only way out is through and it’s time to begin the process of healing.  You may see changes within your family or living situation. Time for a fresh start. The combination of the lunar eclipse in Taurus and the solar eclipse hasn’t gone by unnoticed. You’ve been experiencing transformation in a very personal part of your life. It’s a wonderful time to reflect on how your living situation and relationships with family members have shifted over the past 18 months and visualize what you want in the future.There is an increased need for rest. This eclipse takes place in a very private part of your chart that can bring up loss and feelings of solitude. There is a finality to it. Some of our deepest and most profound revelations happen while we’re alone. Listen closely to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

You will want to time to reflect on your one-on-one partnerships and personal relationships. Are they balanced? Are there any hints of codependency? Now is the time to boldly state your needs and make sure you’re holding space for yourself just as much as you prioritize others’ needs and feelings. Any relationships on shaky ground will be up for re-evaluation.  You find that intense news is headed your way. This eclipse amplifying the desire to communicate with others. Perhaps you may want to share some news yourself. This is a heightened time of communication and a chance to get something off your mind and start an open and honest dialogue.

A little networking goes a long way—especially during this time. Fated friendships and connections are around every corner. Don’t blow off that coffee date or meet and greet via Zoom. You never know how someone you connect with in passing could lead to your dream job a few months down the line.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Although you are very intuitive and care for your mental and spiritual health with ease, now it’s time to focus on the physical. Your small, daily routines add up over time. Are you investing in caring for your body? This is a  time to reflect on your work/life balance and if you’re getting enough rest. Also, a great time to kick off some new healthy habits, as well.

Money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but it can offer some sense of stability. If you’ve been hopeful for a financial shift, this eclipse delivers a fresh start. How can you save here and there? Are there any bills or subscription services that you can deactivate? This is a time to get serious with your money and make the changes you have been thinking about.Changes in your career are on the horizon. This is a fresh start and it’s removing the old and inviting in more space for more aligned work and projects that feed your soul. Are you fulfilled with your work? If not, this is your chance to break away from the mold and take a step toward more fulfilling work or pursuing your purpose.

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