Super Full Moon in Scorpio April 26th/27th

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Super Full Moon in Scorpio April 26th/27th

You won’t want to miss this spectacular Pink Super Full Moon on April 26th and 27th.  Although the full moon will be at 11:32 PM EDT on the 26th, we will have a glorious view of it on both the evening on April 26th and April 27th. It will appear pink on the 27th. Let’s pray for clear skies. A Super Moon occurs when the moon is closer to the Earth and therefore appears larger than a regular Full Moon.

This year the Super Pink Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio and could be an emotional one for all of us. The Moon is notorious for making us moody and emotional, and with it positioned so close to the Earth, its pull will feel more intense than usual.

The Full Moon will bring the seeds of intention you planted in a New Moon to the surface that are ready to be harvested. This would be a good time to review your intentions journal during this full moon.

This could be good and bad. If you set yourself up for success and went into the new moon cycle positively, you can expect to be in a happy, accelerated place with this full moon. But if these past 2 weeks have been dominated by stress, lethargy, anger or anxiety, expect these feelings to intensify as the moon grows fuller, especially since this moon is a Super Moon, accelerating our emotions.

Expect sudden realization and the uncertainties around you to become clear. In the addition to the full moon, Uranus will be dancing with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus as it opposes the Moon in Scorpio and squares Saturn in Aquarius setting off a tee square. This adds tension into the mix because Uranus is notorious for bringing some usually-not-so-fun surprises. It’s best here to expect the best but prepare for the worst. Or just expect the unexpected.

Happy Birthday Taurus – Everyone will be feeling the energy of this magnificent and powerful lunation, but it will be very personal for Scorpios and Taurus as they may be forced to be more flexible and open to new opportunities and ideas. I know flexibility is not your specialty, but I encourage you to go with the flow.

I always enjoy and appreciate hearing from you and respond to all communication. Wishing you peace, love, joy, harmony and balance in your life as we are embracing the energy of this very motivating and powerful Super Pink Full Moon.

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