Your Sun Sign Forecast – Lunar Eclipse @ 27 degrees Taurus, November 19, 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Libra Sept. 27 – Oct. 18, 2021
September 24, 2021
Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – December 4, 2021 – Time to move forward
December 3, 2021

Your Sun Sign Forecast – Lunar Eclipse @ 27 degrees Taurus, November 19, 2021

It’s time to release and let go…but wait, Taurus doesn’t like to let go of anything. We will all be forced  to work on clearing up past patterns that have been holding us back from personal fulfillment, particularly those that are centered around sharing, possessiveness, comfort, and self-esteem matters. This can prove to be an exciting time depending upon what your goals are and what is going on in your life. This is about  awakening to our need to enjoy the fruits of our labors and to connect with our desire to take care of ourselves and our needs. It’s about releasing and letting go of what no longer is working for us in our life.

In addition to your sun sign, your will want to read your ascendant sign.

Aries- March 21 – April 20  This is not an ideal time for unnecessary spending. This will be a good time to make necessary financial changes in your life. Your focus and attention will be drawn to what is important to, focusing on your values. Now is the time to take care of your comfort zone and needs without eclipsing the needs of others. A financial settlement, the beginning or end of a particular debt, and other such scenarios can be part of the picture now.

Taurus–April 21 – May 20 This may be time to change your image or redefine your personality in some manner. Finding a balance between autonomy and dependence is what this eclipse is about for you. Your emotions are on your sleeve right now. It is a good time to put your needs first but doing so with respect for others will take you further. Whether you can succeed as a leader is “tested” right now. There may be some drama involving a significant other.

Gemini – May 21 – June 21 You may recognize an overwhelming need for rest and spiritual renewal. You’ve been busy with all sorts of everyday activities, deeply involved in your work and routines. It’s time to balance your life with some downtime–otherwise, you simply don’t feel whole. There can be exposure of a private or even clandestine matter in some cases. Secrets can emerge at this time, or there can be a desire to do something private, secret, or risky. A work project can come to fruition.

Cancer – Jun2 22 – July 21 Friendships may be tested, or your relationship to groups or organizations. You’re looking for validation from friends and group activities now. There can be a major event involving a child or a romantic partner, or a culmination of a creative project can occur at this time.

Leo – July 22 – August 21  You may need to review and change your career goals. Career matters come to a head, but as the seventh house from the fourth, so might a personal, domestic, family, or house and home matter. You’re called to perform, possibly on a moment’s notice, and it’s best to keep your cool and do whatever you can to show your competence.

Virgo – August 22 – September 21  Your focus will be on travel and education. Your personal beliefs may be tested. Your desire for adventure or learning may come into focus. All the attention you’ve been giving to mundane affairs may have you wondering when you’re going to have some fun. You want to take a leap of faith now. There may be an important beginning or opportunity in education. If you are in business, a writer, or the like, you might reach a wider audience.

Libra –September 22 – October 21  Attention may be drawn to join finances or your spouse’s income if you are married. Your taxes, debts, and investments may require more of your attention. It may be time to settle some of your debts, financial or otherwise. What makes you feel comfortable and secure needs to be balanced with attention to other people’s needs and comfort levels. There can be new money coming into your life.

Scorpio – October 22 – November 21  Partnerships may be tested, but there is nothing to fear if the relationship is strong. This eclipse cycle represents an important one-to-one relationship–a marriage partner, significant other, business partner, or an adversary. It’s time to strike a balance between your own needs and those of another. It’s time to compromise and negotiate. You might suddenly find yourself with more social opportunities, or you might acquire many new clients.

Sagittarius –  November 22 – December 21 There could be changes necessary in your job or health routines. You can use this surge of emotional energy to make positive changes to your routines. Do something to improve your work conditions if they are annoying you. Get going on your exercise or nutrition program that you know will benefit and help you feel more balanced. A work project or a job itself can begin or end now. A physical or mental health issue might come to light.

Capricorn – December 22 – January 21 A romantic affair may be tested. If love is true, there’s nothing to fear. The demands of your larger goals in life may have been eclipsing your pleasure-seeking activities. Also possible, your children may be going through their own changes and “stages”. A child could be experiencing a major new beginning. Some might have a child. A new creative project might begin for you now. This is the time to let the child in you come out and play. Have some fun.

Aquarius – It’s time to pay attention to your home and family. House repairs, family dramas, and other such issues need serious attention. The demands of your personal life are now paramount. Striking a balance between energy spent on work and energy spent on domestic matters is essential now. Balanced attention to your public and personal lives is what you need to focus on. It’s time to prioritize. A major career project can come to fruition or completion.

Pisces – January 22 – February 21  Communication and communicating will be the focus for you., modes of transportation, schooling, mobility, neighbors, or siblings. Daily routines can change dramatically. There may be a major event in the life of a sibling. There could be a publishing offer or you might be in a position to promote yourself. Travel or education plans may come to fruition. You might gain an entirely different perspective on a matter.

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