Astrology and Your Astrological Chart

For thousands of years people have used the principles of astrology to help create an astrological chart for the course of their life’s journey. In those early years when America was born, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin “looked to the stars” for advice on when to schedule the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

But the truest proof of astrology’s power is the overwhelming number of people who to one degree or another make astrology part of their daily consciousness?  Did you know the two most frequently searched subjects on the Internet are sex and astrology?

Since you have come to my site you apparently have an interest in astrology.

Your astrological chart is all about you.

It reveals what type of childhood you had, what your environment was like when you were growing up. What type of work you are most likely attracted to and when and if you are likely to meet Mr. or Ms Right.

Just to name some of the personal and interesting information that your astrology chart can reveal, it represents your connection to the universe from the moment that you were born. It is based not only on the position of the Sun at the moment of your birth, but it is also based on where all of the planets were positioned in the sky at that moment.

Your astrology chart is a very personal and enlightening tool.  Used correctly, it can help you understand the direction your life is moving, help you make important decisions and select the best time to achieve your desired results.

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