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Kelly Lowe is the author of An Astrologer’s Journey, the nationally reviewed story of how the practice of astrology answered her youthful search for meaning and led her into a career as a well-known astrology counselor.

She has taught her workshops all around the country, from Florida to California, and is known for intertwining a deep knowledge of human nature with suggestions for optimal timing according to the movements of the sun, moon, and planets.

An Astrologer’s Journey

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The Sun Always Rises, Kelly Lowe offers a prescription to help you through the changes in your life.  Kelly’s experiences, and those of others who shared their stories with her, will help guide you through the challenges you may be feeling.  She will help you to move forward, pick up the pieces and thrive in times of loss-and to appreciate that life is always full of exciting possibilities if you will only act to embrace them. 

She may even bring a smile to your face along the way and touch your heart.  Kelly provides a very unique brand of counseling, crafted over a lifetime helping other find joy in their lives. 

Her first book, An Astrologer’s Journey, has been highly praised in national trade publications.

The Sun Always Rises

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How can you learn to be happy alone?

Enjoy reading Kelly’s happiness cookbook where she shares the exercises and interviews of experts to help you along this journey. You are never alone…

Feed your Soul and your mind, be good to yourself.

What makes your heart sing?

“Just finished reading your book, The Art of Connecting- which I thoroughly enjoyed!!I so appreciated hearing about your journey & your guidance & thoughts for others! Thank you for writing!!” Leigh S.

Kelly is a mother, grandmother, divorcee and has been widowed twice. She has had many challenges in her life including major surgeries. All of these experiences have led her to appreciate the peaks and valleys of her own life which we all encounter through our life’s journey.

She not only brings her life experience to her new book, but also those of others she’s met and interviewed who have had to deal with the feeling of loneliness and loss in their life. She brings in the expertise of therapists she’s consulted with who have worked with patients who have dealt with similar feelings.

As a professional astrological counselor, motivational speaker and author, Kelly has counseled thousands of people to help them work through challenging cycles in their life.



The Art of Connecting

The Art of Connecting

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