An Astrology’s Journey continues with life’s challanges

On Sunday May 3rd, we had a very intense full Moon @ 13 degrees Scorpio, which was exactly square to Jupiter. A full Moon in Scorpio in and of itself is pretty intense, but when it is squared by Jupiter, the magnifier, it can really blow up the emotions and intensify any situation that may already be in play. I can personally testify to that as I was experiencing what I thought was a life-threatening crisis on Sunday in relation to my husband’s terminal illness.

Even though I was aware of what was going on with the full Moon, I still reacted very emotionally to the situation. Fortunately, he felt much better once the moon moved into Sagittarius on Tuesday morning. Being an astrologer does not absolve me from life’s challenges, but it does help me to understand and appreciate what is going on.

I normally write about what is coming up rather then what has already taken place, but in this instance I’m making an exception. In addition to preparing for the future, astrology can be a great tool to understand the present. I’d love to hear about any personal experiences that you encountered in dealing with this full moon.


I’d love to hear from you. An astrology consultation can be a great tool to help you cope with stressful cycles in your life and to plan and prepare for the future.


    1. Sheila H. Crone says:

      I love to look at a beautiful moon. However, for as long as I can remember, I experience sleep difficulties when there is a full moon, and as a result, I’m fatigued and moody. I’ve observed school children and teaching staff reacting by complaining more, losing concentration and in general, experiencing negative feelings. As quickly as the moon wanes, all returns to functional.

      • Yes, that is one of the things that everyone seems to notice with the full moon. Even the approaching full moon, a few days before will set this tone. I find that it is helpful to be aware of the lunar cycle so as not to over react, and keep in mind that this too will pass.

      • I follow the lunar cycles on my Facebook page,
        Not only is it important to follow the phase of the moon, it is helpful to follow the sign the moon is traveling through.

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