February 2017 Lunar & Solar Eclipses: How Will They Impact You?

February 2017: Lunar Eclipse in Leo and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Sun Sign Forecast:

There is a lot of powerful information in this forecast. Although it’s impossible for me to cover every facet and detail for every sun sign, this an overview for how each sun sign will be impacted by the eclipses. In addition to reading your sun sign, please read your rising sign, if you know what it is.  You will most likely resonate with both of these forecasts. For example, if you are a Capricorn and have Sagittarius rising, read the forecast for both signs.

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Aries:  March 21 – April 20 – assertive, pioneering, independent, competitive, aggressive and courageous-  

The February 10th lunar eclipse will generate a focus on your creativity. Love and romance could be a priority for you. This is when you will want to let the child in you come out to play. If you have children, you may be spending more time with them or if they live far away, you will be hearing from them. This is a wonderful time to work on those creative projects and enjoy the arts and entertainment. Allow time for and enjoy your leisure time.

The February 26th solar eclipse  could motivate you to establish a regular meditation practice if you are not already in the habit of doing so. But with Mars traveling through your sun sign until March 9th, you will probably prefer a walking meditation, as your energy level will be running in high gear. You may find yourself having to take care of someone or visit someone who is in the hospital.

This is a great time for you to direct your focus on activities that  deal with working behind the scenes, although not a favorite activity for the outgoing, assertive Aries personality. You could use this lunar energy to work on your spiritual and mental development, which will compliment your creativity and gain you inner strength. This is also an excellent time to work on developing your intuition and higher consciousness.


Taurus:  April 21 – May 20 – prosperous, patient, steadfast, conservative, materialistic, sensual and dependable-  

I know when I talk about changes that Taurus get all nervous. They like the status quo. But with eclipses, change is inevitable. The great thing about astrology is that it helps you to plan and be prepared for changes, something that Taurus can relate to and appreciate. Whereas an Aries will say, “Change? I’m ready let’s do it!” Taurus says, “Wait a minute, let me think about it.”

The February 10th lunar eclipse may bring about changes in your home environment. A parent or parents may require more of your time and attention. You may be drawn to spend more time dealing with home and family situations and enjoying your time at home. Something that you have been waiting for could very well come to fruition regarding your family or home. Someone may be moving in or out, or you may decide to make a move.

The February 26th solar eclipse will be a great time for you to set your intention and think about what is really important to you.  What are your hopes, goals, dreams and aspirations? The eclipse can also set off a very social  cycle for you. You could be spending more time and energy entertaining or socializing with friends, clubs, groups and organizations.  You may even find yourself wanting to throw a party.

On another note, you could find yourself becoming involved as a volunteer in your favorite organization.


Gemini:  May 21 – June 20 – communicative, literary, versatile, adaptable, intellectual, friendly and curious – 

Since Geminis embrace changes and enjoy flexibility, when I talk about eclipse cycles bringing about changes they get excited and rise to the occasion.

The February 10th lunar eclipse could very well bring some changes to your neighborhood. For example, road construction, neighbors moving in or out. This is also a time when you could have more interaction with your siblings.  If travel plans have been on your agenda, keep your bags packed. You could be taking more short driving trips.

Communications are also a focus for you during this cycle. You could become even more involved in writing, reading, and or speaking. You may find yourself more involved in activities that require more of your mental acuity. This of course is something that you always find to be enjoyable and stimulating.

The February 26th solar eclipse will bring a focus to the area of your life that deals with your career, business or public image.  This is a great time to set your intention for that which would like to develop or improve on in that area. Perhaps there will be a job change or promotion during this cycle.


Cancer:  June 21 – July 20 – nurturing, receptive, cautious, reserved, sensitive, maternal and hospitable –

The February 10th lunar eclipse should be right in your comfort zone, as you will want to pay special attention to your personal finances and evaluate your priorities. This is a time when you will want to take a look at your life and make a decision as to what is really important to you. Not just from a monetary standpoint.

What are your true values? You may need to reorganize and reevaluate your finances. This can be a money in/money out cycle for you. There should always be enough to cover expenses.

The February 26th solar eclipse will bring you travel opportunities. You may travel for education, pleasure or both. There is a focus on higher education, publication, philosophy and religion during this eclipse cycle. You most likely will find yourself drawn towards or involved in planning a trip, thinking of furthering your education, or pursuing education in your special interest.

This could be the beginning of a cycle for you to reevaluate your religious beliefs. Over all it should be a very enjoyable and pleasant time for you.


Leo: July 21 – August 20charismatic, commanding, generous, ambitious, optimistic, entertaining, romantic, creative and playful –

The February 10th lunar eclipse in Leo is in your sun sign. Lucky you! This should be a very eventful and significant year for you. This eclipse could set off some personal changes in your life that you will initiate. You will want to take charge and be in charge of yourself. Of course this is really not anything new for the strong Leo personality.

You may change your hairstyle and your personal appearance in some manner. If your birthday falls between August 11 -26, you will especially feel the impact and energy of this lunar eclipse. It may very well bring you that which you have been waiting for. This can be a very illuminating cycle for you.

The February 26th solar eclipse will bring a focus to your joint finances, investments, insurance and taxes. Since this is a new moon you will want to initiate, set your intentions and plant the seeds for prosperous investments.  You could be motivated to take this time to review your insurance policies or coverage and or work on your tax return.

You will want to make certain that your joint finances and investments are organized and where you want to be.


Virgo: August 21 – September 20 – analytical, witty, studious, methodical, skeptical, critical, altruistic, logical and sensual –  

The February 10th lunar eclipse will bring attention to the area of your life that deals with working behind the scenes or being more introspective. So there may be a bit of a dichotomy or conflict going on. There’s a part of you that enjoys being very secluded and another part that would like to be interactive and social.  But you’ll find a balance as the eclipses run their cycle.

The February 26th solar eclipse  will bring your attention to interacting and being with other people, perhaps in partnerships, or counseling. This cycle is often a time when people work on their marriage or one-on-one interaction with someone. If you are married, your marriage may require more attention.

If you are not married, and in a relationship, you may be considering marriage. You could form a business partnership of some sort during this cycle. There is more of a focus for you to work with others and not be singular in your activities.

If you are in some sort of counseling business, this will mostly likely be a very busy cycle for you.


Libra:   September 21 – October 20 – diplomatic, persuasive, tactful, intriguing, indecisive, charming and artistic – 

The February 10th lunar eclipse will bring your attention to social activities, friends, groups, organizations and getting in touch with your goals. You may find yourself wanting to entertain or throw a party. All of which would be very enjoyable and satisfying during this cycle.

February 26th solar eclipse  is an excellent time to set your intention and initiate a new exercise or diet regimen. This is a time when you will want to  focus on taking care of your health, your work routine and/or day to day activities during this eclipse cycle.

You may find yourself  having to deal with changes in your daily routine or work environment. Any health related issues that you have been putting off will need to be attended to at this time. It is a good time to schedule a physical  and just have an overall wellness check up.


Scorpio: October 21 – November 20 –  passionate, secretive, penetrating, intellectual, investigative, private and honest –

The February 10th lunar eclipse could very well bring that which you have been waiting for or aspiring to achieve, in the area of your career or public image. You could get a promotion, make a career change or get a raise. You could receive recognition for a project or something that you have accomplished. This is a very public cycle for you. You will most likely find yourself in a high profile situation.

The February 26th solar eclipse could bring the initiation of a new romantic interest into your life. This is the beginning of a very creative cycle for you. It is a time to aspire to your heart’s desire. Let your imagination flow. Let the child in you come out and play. You may actually have more interaction with children during this cycle.

Although you could be working hard, make sure you allow to time to enjoy your leisure time.


Sagittarius:  November 21 – December 20 – jovial, progressive, philosophical, frank, zealous, optimistic and witty – 

The February 10th lunar eclipse is right up your alley bringing your attention and focus to traveling. The free-spirited Sagittarians are always open to travel and exciting opportunities so this should be a very pleasant cycle for you if you have all of your affairs in order and your work is completed. If you are unable to take a trip within the next 90-days, you will most likely be planning one.

Legal affairs or matters could come to the forefront. If you have had pending issues they may come to light or fruition within the next 90 days.

This could also be a good time for you to take up a new study, expand your mind and your philosophical interests. The sky’s the limit for you.

The February 26th solar eclipse will bring your focus to your home and family.  So although you may have your bags packed and your ticket in hand, you may have to take care of business at home before you can leave town. Someone could be moving in or out of your home, or perhaps you will be moving within in the next 90 days.


Capricorn:  December 21 – January 20 – authoritarian, laborious,  forceful, scrupulous, enterprising, practical, realistic, and thrifty –  

The February 10th lunar eclipse will bring focus to the area of your life that deals with your personal and joint finances. The next 90 days will be all about taking care of this area of your life. You may find yourself dealing with  your investment portfolio, insurance policies and/or working on your taxes.

The lunar eclipse is when the check comes in the mail, especially for Capricorns at this time. It’s when that which you have been waiting for will come to fruition.

The February 26th solar eclipse could bring about changes in your neighborhood and immediate environment. There could be road work being done. You could also find yourself having more interaction with a sibling or siblings.

You will want to make sure that your car is well maintained, or you may be thinking of getting a new car. Overall this is a very busy and active cycle for you.


Aquarius:  January 21 – February 20 – inventive, intellectual, diplomatic, independent, original, imitative, rebellious, and humanitarian  –

The February 10 lunar eclipse will bring your attention to partnerships or one on one relationships. This could be from a business or personal perspective. If you are married there could be some tension brewing. This is a good time to massage or work on this area of your life. The full moon tends to bring to light or manifest that which has been underlying or hidden. If you are single and in a romantic relationship you may be considering marriage.

The February 26th solar eclipse will bring attention to the area of your life that deals with your personal finances and values.  You may be considering or reconsidering what is really important to you. This could be from a monetary as well as a non-monetary viewpoint. Since this is a new moon, it is a great time for you to plant the seeds, initiate your financial plans, and set into motion that which is important to your values.


Pisces: February 21 – March 20  – intuitive, compassionate, introspective, clairvoyant, sensitive and altruistic –

The February 10th lunar eclipse is bringing attention to the area of your life that deals with your health and immediate working area.  Since this is a full moon, any health issues that you have been ignoring or putting off will come to light.  You maybe become more conscientious about your diet and exercise.

There could be some changes or adjustments in your day to day routine, or in your work environment.  Maybe a change in your office with the people whom you work with.

The January 26th solar eclipse is taking place in your sun sign, so this will be very personal and significant for you.  Since this a new moon, you may want to begin to think about and plan what you would like to initiate and what intention you would like to set with the energy of the new moon at 9:58 am. Keep in mind that this is very personal and it’s all about what you want to manifest.


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