Summer Solstice


What a beautiful sunrise it was this morning. It’s the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. The days will begin to get shorter as we head toward the Winter Solstice. The sun is moving into Cancer today. Happy Birthday Cancers!

Mercury, the planet that rules our thinking and mental processing, is beginning his 14-day journey through the emotional, sensitive sign of Cancer. This is a great time to make decisions based on your intuition and introspective feelings.


It is that time of the month again when we are winding down and preparing to set our intentions with the energy of the new moon, which will be in Cancer this Friday night, June 23rd at 10:31 pm edst.  
Keep in mind that the 24 hours leading up to the new moon is known as the balsamic phase. This is when the moon is casting no light. The balsamic phase is best used for completion rather than for the initiation of projects. Saturday, June 24th will be the most auspicious time to set your intentions and initiate that which you would like to manifest.
Home and family matters tend to rise to the surface when the moon is traveling through this sign, so your intentions and goals may be motivated in that direction. You may want to focus or set your intentions around your relationships with your family. Perhaps you will fix or make a change in your home environment.
Emotions and sensitivity tend to run stronger during this time, so you’ll want to be careful about over-reacting. When the moon is in Cancer it’s more about the way we feel than the way we think. Next week is all about moving forward.


Aggressive Mars, the energizer bunny, is continuing his journey through cautious Cancer until July 20th, a challenging transit for the planet that wants us to get things done.

Cancer is a sensitive water sign. Concerned with emotional security and nurturing, which doesn’t exactly sound like a natural fit for aggressive Martian energy. But on the other hand, Mars could give the water signs a nice boost of energy and enthusiasm during his visit through your sign. Pisces and Scorpios will also want to take advantage of this energy surge.

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