Astrology can help when planning surgery

Some times we are so busy dealing with life and what the planetary cycles are throwing our way that we don’t have time to communicate or share information as we would like to.  This has been the case for me these past few weeks.  As I mentioned in my April Forecast/Newsletter, the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are really getting their butts kicked.  Or to put it more mildly, feeling the impact of the lunar eclipse we had on April 15th… And this Aries can certainly testify to that.

I am very grateful that my husband is recovering so nicely from his cancer surgery.  The planets were certainly aligned for him when he had his surgery.  Although I didn’t have much of a window to work with,  I was able to select a date that was acceptable and the surgeon was very pleased with his result.

I am scheduled to have quadriceps surgery on April 25th, three days before the solar eclipse.  Although I normally would not schedule surgery so close to an eclipse, sometimes we just have to go with the best date that is available with in the time frame that the surgery needs to done. 

In addition to selecting the actual date of the surgery, I also took into consideration the planetary cycles that will be following the surgery.  For example it is preferable to have a good relationship between transiting Jupiter, Mars and your Sun when scheduling a surgery.  Mars is very important on the day of surgical procedure and following the procedure. Mars represents your energy and your resilience for your recovery.

Mars will be retrograde on the day of my surgery which is one of the reasons that this would not have been my first choice, but it is not creating a negative influence in my chart. And Jupiter will be making some very nice aspects during my recovery time.

Another thing to consider is the lunar cycle.  It’s best  to avoid surgery a few days prior to, the day of, and a few days after the full moon. The sign that the moon is in should also be considered when scheduling surgery.  It is preferable that the moon not be in the sign that rules the part of the body that is being operated on.  For example, if you’re having heart surgery you would not select a day when the moon is in Leo, since Leo rules the heart.

The patient’s frame of mind, indicated by the natal and transiting Mercury, is another factor.  Many years ago I even went so far as to ask my surgeon for his birth date to determine his skill level and state of mind on the day of the surgery.

There are many things to be considered when scheduling a surgery. These are just a few. One of the services that I have provided for my clients over the years is helping them select an optimum surgical date, when the luxury of making a selection is available.  Of course the urgency of the surgery and the surgeon’s operating schedule are always a factor to be considered, along with the planetary alignments.  In a perfect world all of the planets would be aligned perfectly on the surgery date. But we all know that just doesn’t happen, because the very fact that surgery needs to be done indicates that something is out of alignment. So in helping select a date I look for the best time that is available within the allotted time frame. After all,  life is all about timing. As I wrote in my book, “Timing is everything.”  What could be more important then selecting the “right time” for a surgery?

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome and personally answered.

Kelly Lowe is an  Astrological Consultant and the  Author of “An Astrologer’s Journey”.  Private appointments can be made through her website.  She can help you plan and prepare for your future. Learn more about your relationships, career, the best place or places for you to live, love, work and play.

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