Astrology Forecast for July 2013

As Jupiter is beginning its annual, twelve month journey through the nurturing and maternal sign of Cancer it is in a very powerful and ideal position.  It will expand our feelings of optimism and the desire to live a fulfilling life.

Jupiter has been traveling through the sign of Gemini for the past year and now it is Cancer’s turn to enjoy the euphoria.  Jupiter tends to bring a positive and expansive attitude to whatever sign it is traveling through. This is a great time to achieve your aspirations and goals.

Scorpio and Pisces will also be enjoying the gifts and benefits that Jupiter will have in store for you.  The only problem may be that Scorpios are experiencing Saturn traveling through their sun sign, so their gifts and benefits may be delayed. 

Gemini are still enjoying feeling like the energizer bunny as Mars is traveling  through their Sun sign (not that Gemini really need any extra energy) until July 14th.  Then it will be Cancer’s turn to enjoy the extra boost of energy.  And we all know that Cancers always welcome more energy. 

Aries who celebrated their birthday the first week in April are starting to feeling the unexpected, erratic influence of Uranus traveling through their Sun sign.  This can also be a time for ingenious inspirations.  So you want to keep an open mind and be ready for anything.

Capricorns are still going through a long cycle of transformation as Pluto is traveling through their Sun sign for several more years.  Fortunately this is a slow process that should give you plenty of time to adjust to the changes.  You may find yourself wanting to be in control and taking charge more.  But then that should be fairly comfortable for you.

Kelly Lowe,  Astrological Counselor & Author of “An Astrologer’s Journey”

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