Astrology Forecast 2013

New Moon in Sagittarius – Using the power of the lunar cycle
December 11, 2012
Full Moon in Leo
January 25, 2013

Astrology Forecast 2013

Astrology Forecast for 2013

Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn are still feeling the effects of Uranus as it is traveling through Aries. These Sun signs can continue to expect the unexpected and try to remain flexible. Although this is natural for Aries, Capricorns may not be so comfortable with Uranus’ unconventional influence. Aries can enjoy their moments of genius inspiration and creativity while Libras may be inspired by others. Cancers may feel that their world is being rocked.  Security, or insecurity issues may become an issue.

Fun and frolic continues for Sagittarius as Venus, the planet of love and romance, will be traveling through your sign until Jan. 9th. Then Capricorns will enjoy the amorous affection of Venus’ presence.  Love is the air until the 1st of February.

Aquarians will be feeling the impact and energy of Mars until February 1. Mars is noted for its impatience and impetuous behavior. So you may want to slow down and avoid a train wreck. This can be a very constructive and productive time for Aquarians.

Geminis will continue to be as busy as ever as Jupiter, the planet that rules expansion and optimism, continues to travel through their Sun sign.

Scorpios will continue to feel the structure and responsibility as Saturn is traveling through their Sun sign. Those who were born Oct. 24th – Nov. 5th are feeling the strongest effects of Saturn’s influence. You will want to take especially good care of your health and try not to stretch yourself too thin. Their may be a tendency to feel tired and over worked.

Pisces are just beginning to enjoy Neptune’s journey through their Sun sign. Since Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces this should be a comfortable cycle for you. Although you are sensitive and compassionate by nature, you will most likely find that your sensitivity and compassion for others will be increased. You will want to be especially careful about medications, drugs and/or alcohol during this cycle.

Tauruses are most likely beginning to feel the affects of Saturn’s opposition, bringing structure and possible constants that would be imposed by others.

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