Balsamic Moon, time to prepare for the New Moon in Leo, Aug. 16th

Good morning and Happy Monday! Let’s welcome the creative Leo Moon today and prepare for the New Moon in Leo on Aug. 16th @ 6:36 am et.. I invite you to make your list of intentions you will set with this new Moon. She is currently in her balsamic phase, a.k.a. the dark of the Moon. This is an introspective time…a time for completion and closure. Mercury and Mars are dancing very closely together in Virgo, giving structure, motivation and direction to our intentions. Those who were born with their ascendant, Sun/Moon/Venus and/or Mars in Leo or Aquarius will find this new Moon to be especially significant, but will all resonate with this energy. Enjoy your day with love and gratitude and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.. I always enjoy hearing from you and respond to all communications.

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