Capricorn Forecast for 2015

You will enhance your productivity when you take advantage of this high energy cycle that you are in.  The new  moon which took place Dec. 21st in your sun should prove tol be an especially energizing cycle for you. These next few weeks are a great time for you to lay the ground work for the coming year. Think about your plans and goals for next year.

Love and romance could be in the air.
It’s slow changes and transformation for my Capricorn friends with lots of compliments coming your way as Venus will be traveling through your sign through Jan. 3rd.

As Pluto the planet of transformation is continuing his journey through your sun sign you are motivated to strive to accomplish your goals and ambitions. You will work hard to over come obstacles that may appear in your path.

Since this is a cycle of change and transformation it is important that you try to remain flexible and open to opportunities that may present themselves. You could conceivable reinvent yourself during this cycle. If you are an early Capricorn Dec. 21 – Jan. 5 you have already been experiencing these changes. This could manifest as a change in your physical appearance or a change in your attitude depending upon where Pluto is traveling through your chart. I will be talking more about this at my January workshops in Florida.

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