Full Moon brings things to light

Full Moon in Leo
January 25, 2013
Moon in Aquarius
February 6, 2013

Full Moon brings things to light

Over the years I  have repeatedly stated  that the full moon is when you can  expect to see things come to fruition.  Weather it be the check arriving in the mail or a response from the interview.   I have an interesting personal example to share with you.  On January 25th, just before the full moon in Leo, I received an email from the book reviewer at the Mountain Astrologer Magazine.

I had contacted her in May of last year to see if she would be interested in reviewing my book, ” An Astrologer’s Journey”,  but I never received a response.  In her January 25th  email she requested a copy of my book to review.   As I have said before, one never knows which full moon will bring the results of your labor.  But rest assured, the full moons does bring things to light and fruition.

Guess I should also mention, for those of you who are more familiar with astrology, the Leo full moon to place exactly on my ascendant.  Astrology is truly an amazing  to watch in action.  It sort of reminds me of the old soap that I used to watch years ago., “As the World Turns”.  Maybe someone should come up with a new show called, “As the Planets Turn”. Because we certainly can see the relationship between the movement of the planets and events.

Kelly Lowe,  Astrological Counselor & Author


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