Full Moon In Aquarius July 22, 2013

Emotions tend to run high during the full Moon.  As I describe in my book, this is also when things come to fruition.  The old saying is, “the check that you have been waiting for arrives in the mail.”  It can be a time of receiving news.  What is hidden will be brought into the light.  It is a time of illumination.

People tend to think more about their freedom and independence when the Moon is in Aquarius.  If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in the sign of Aquarius this should be a very active and interesting month for you.

Emotions tend to be more volatile and sensitive for everyone.  Tempers tend to flair during the time leading up to and following the full Moon.  There is a tendency for everything to be exaggerated.  It is best to wait and not over react.  This time can be best used for planning and organizing.  Think of it as a time when things become more clearly defined.  Enjoy the magnification of the light that the full Moon provides for us as it reflects on planet earth and our soul being.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Kelly Lowe,  Astrological Consultant & Author

Note:  Kelly can help you plan and prepare for your future. Learn more about your relationships, career, the best place or places for you to live, work,  play and fall in love.

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