Full Moon in Pisces, Emotions run high

Emotions will run high these next few days as we will be experiencing the effects of the full moon in Pisces today @ 2:35 PM EDST. Any drama or unresolved issues that are brewing under the surface will rise to the top and require your focus and attention.
When the moon is traveling through this sign, and especially when it is a full moon, we tend to be more intuitive, sensitive and aware of our inner feelings and emotions. We may feel more vulnerability and have a desire to withdraw. This is an excellent time to enjoy listening to music, meditation and tune into your higher self. This can be an opportunity for boundless creativity. This is not a particularly good time to analyze or try to make rational choices or decisions.
This is when that seed you have planted will come to fruition. The full moon brings resolve and answers into the light. Allow yourself to be open and receive the information. It has been my experience that the energy of the full moon can be felt for a few days prior to and several days following. I would be very interested in your thoughts and experience with this and I invite you to share them with me.

On a personal note:  as a Florida resident, I must say that I am a little nerves as the storm appears to be heading directly toward Florida during this full moon. I can still remember the hurricane season of 2005 during the full moon which played havoc with us. As you may recall from my book, I wrote about the effects that the lunar cycle has on the weather, especially if there is a storm brewing.
People who were born with their moon or sun in the sign of Pisces tend to be intuitive, sensitive and sympathetic.
I’d love to hear from you. An astrology consultation can be a great tool to help you plan and prepare for the future and take advantage of present opportunities. kellylowe@astrologytalk.com
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