Full Moon in Sagittarius

Happy full moon, or is it happy. The full Moon is typically when what ever is going on in your life becomes magnified. If you are experiencing challenges or difficulties they will have a way of coming to the surface. If you are enjoying and looking forward to fun and exciting things they will be brought more to the forefront. It is when that which you have been waiting for will come to fruition. Today’s full moon at 12:19 pm edst will be in optimistic, expansive Sagittarius. You will want to keep a proper perspective as there is a tendency to over react during this phase of the moon. This evening should bring a sense of serenity and optimism as the moon will be making a nice connection to Jupiter at 9:31 pm edst.

If you were born with your sun or moon is Sagittarius, this full moon will set a very busy and significant cycle for you.

I’d love to hear from you. An astrology consultation can be a great tool to help you cope with stressful cycles in your life and to plan and prepare for the future.

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