July 22 – Sept. 3, 2023 Venus Retrograde, What is really important to you? What are your true values?

Venus, the planet that rules love, money, our values, our feelings of security and our connections with friends and family stationed retrograde last night @ 28 degrees Leo. Those who were born with their Sun/Moon/Venus or ascendant in Leo, Aries or Sagittarius will find this to be very person and introspective, but we will all resonate with this energy. And of course, Taurus’ will also be very tuned into this Rx since Venus is the ruler of Taurus.
 If you are not sure about where your Moon/Venus or ascendant are in your chart, please feel free to contact me. Venus will continue her Rx journey until Sept. 3rd. Venus only goes Rx every 18 months for 42 days, whereas Mercury goes Rx 3x a year for 21 days.
Venus Rx is an excellent time to re-view and re-visit what is really important to you?  Don’t take anything at face value.  Re-view your finances and tune in to what makes you feel secure and comfortable. What do you enjoy doing and who do you enjoy being with? What feeds your soul? And don’t be surprised if you hear from a past lover or prior relationship during this retrograde cycle. This is an excellent time for reconnecting.
And remember to enjoy everyday with love and gratitude.
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