July 27, 2018 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

The lunar eclipse in Aquarius is about letting go of the old and making room for the new; new friends, new ideas. It’s about letting go of the past. It’s about being detached from that which no longer serves you. It’s about changes, enjoying new things and opportunities that come into your life. It’s about getting unstuck.
Everything is in divine order. Work with the energy of the eclipse. Put intensity and emphasis on that which you need to work on for the next six months. This lunar eclipse has a 6-month shelf life.
Astrology is an incredible tool to help us tell a story and understand what is going on around us. I have taken a little different approach to my sun sign forecast for this eclipse cycle, in that I have mentioned the sun sign and rising sign. The rising sign would correlate to your exact time of birth.


If you are an Aries or have Aries rising you will need to get in touch with your values and focus on what is really important to you.

If you are a Taurus or have Taurus rising you will want to focus on your public image and the way you interact with the outside world.

If you are a Gemini or have Gemini rising you will want to focus on understanding the big picture, and what makes you feel special, perhaps learning something new and different or teaching something.

If you are a Cancer or have Cancer rising you will want to focus on what other people expect of you and what exactly you bring to the table.

If you are a Leo or have Leo rising you will want to focus on your marriage, partnership and/or relationship with your friends.

If you are a Virgo or have Virgo rising you will want to focus on your health, your fitness routine or lack of it. Diet and exercise will be very important to you.

If you are a Libra or have Libra rising you want to enjoy being more creative, and having more interaction with children. It’s time for you to have fun.

If you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio rising you are looking at changes in your home and lifestyle and identifying any changes you want to make.

If you are a Sagittarius or have Sagittarius rising you will want to focus on your day-to-day activities and communications and connecting with your people.

If you are a Capricorn or have Capricorn rising you need to focus on your values and what you have to do to make yourself feel secure.

If you are an Aquarius or have Aquarius rising you will need to be your own person. Work on fulfilling your own needs. With this lunar eclipse in your sun sign it is a very significant year for you. Enjoy!

If you are a Pisces or have Pisces rising you will need to go with the flow. Enjoy your gifts. Be adaptable.

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