Jupiter, Mars, Venus alignment impacting your life

There is still time to enjoy the spectacular morning sky this month as Jupiter, Mars and Venus have been illuminating the predawn sky in the east. Jupiter being the most brilliant in the early part of the month and Venus the later part of the month. It has been quite a sight to behold. I know I have been motivated to rise a little earlier to view this breathtaking trio.
Mars, the energizer bunny, will bring our attention to health issues and the activities of our daily routine. You may find yourself taking care of things that you have been putting off. I know I’m finally getting around to doing my long over-due colonoscopy and bone scan. Is there anything that you have been avoiding? Mars will continue his journey through Virgo until November 12th, so there is still time to take advantage of this energy.
Venus, the planet that rules love and money, will influence us all to be more conservative with our spending and discriminating with feelings and matters of the heart. When Venus goes into Libra on November 8th we should enjoy a more romantic climate.
Jupiter, the positive motivator and guardian angel, has been traveling through Virgo since August 11th and will continue this journey until September of 2016. Virgos, Taurus and Capricorns should be feeling the support and inspiration. It’s a great time to work on and fulfill your goals.
We will all be feeling a call to action and need to focus in the area of our life that Jupiter, Venus and Mars are traveling through. For example, if you have Jupiter on your second house cusp you will be focusing on your values and deciding what is really important to you. Your finances and budget will also be high on your radar. Have you noticed where your focus has been?
On October 27th we will enjoy a full Moon in Taurus, which will trine the Jupiter, Mars, Venus trio. The moon is exulted in Taurus and should give us a nice boost of energy and confidence. The full moon is typically when that which you have been waiting and worked for will come to fruition.
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