Leo Sun Sign Forecast 2015

This should prove to be a very busy and exciting time for you. The August 31st full moon will be in Aquarius setting off a positive energy flow for you. This is a time when you will strive to achieve balance in your life. Jupiter, the guardian angel and benefactor has been traveling through your sun sign since August of 2014 and will be moving into Virgo on August 11th.

Saturn the teacher and supporter will be moving into Sagittarius thereby making a nice connection with your sun for the next couple of years. Saturn can provide opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Venus will be traveling retrograde through your sign on August 1st which will bring you added compliments and a feeling of well being over the next few months. Mars will charge your battery as he will be traveling through you sign on August 9th – September 25th. Be careful to not over engage yourself as this will be a very active cycle. Maintain your patience and pace yourself.

I’d love to hear from you. An astrology consultation can be a great tool to help you plan and prepare for the future and take advantage of present opportunities. kellylowe@astrologytalk.com

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