Leo Sun Sign Forecast

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July 16, 2013
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July 28, 2013

Leo Sun Sign Forecast

You should be feeling a surge and burst of energy as Mars, the energizer bunny will be traveling through your Sun sign from August 29 to October 16.  You will need to be careful not to become too impatient during this time.  This is a great time to accomplish your goals as you should be highly motivated and driven.

If you are a Leo who was born before August 29th you probably are, and have been feeling that you are being over worked and carrying a heaving load. Some thing or some one may be preventing you from being as productive as you would like to be. There seems to be unseen obstacles that keep popping up.

This is certainly not what a fun-loving Leo would choose.  You are not exactly feeling like your bubbly, enthusiastic, charming self. Circumstance and people beyond your control seem to be raining on your parade. 

If your birthday is after August 28th this cycle should not affect you until later in the year. You may want to plan and prepare for it by trying to lighten your load now, maybe by taking on fewer responsibilities.

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