Mercury Retrograde (be careful what you think about)

 Have you ever thought about a project and just kept putting off doing it?  Well this story may make you want to rethink what you think about.

I have a walk in closet in my office with built in shelves which has turned out to be the collect all and save all area of my life. Does anyone else have one of those areas? It is filled to the brim with everything from office supplies that I may or may not need some day to picture frames and Christmas paper.  I have had it on my mind for quit some time to reorganize and get rid of the excess non essentials in that area of my life.

Since Mercury is going retrograde on March 12th for 21 days, I sort of had in mind that I would that this time to tackle that project during that time period.  Well low and behold, if we didn’t discover that there was a water leak from the unit above us on the morning of the March 10th.

 Not only did my catch all walk in closet have to be totally cleaned out, but my entire office had to be dismantled, book cases and all.   I certainly had to chuckle to myself as I was rethinking how I had been thinking about cleaning out that closet for some time. 

I know that Mercury retrograde is the perfect to clean out clutter in your life, but really did I have to do it so abruptly and all at one time.  I could have kept thinking about do that project for years to come.

Be careful what you think about, especially when Mercury is going retrograde.

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