Mercury Retrograde, Helpful Hints to deal with

Mercury Rx – August 12th in Virgo – September 5th

When Mercury is retrograde, and especially when it is in Virgo, communications can become tangled and confused. Information can be misinterpreted, misleading or misplaced. This is not a particularly auspicious time to sign contracts, initiate something new or close business deals. Mercury will be retrograde until September 5th.

If you are planning a trip during the retrograde period you will want to double check your reservations. Don’t leave anything to chance. Also you may expect delays in the airways and on the highways. Make sure your automobile is in tip top shape.

Are you ready to get organized? Well, this is your perfect opportunity with Mercury stationing RX in Virgo this month. Jump in there and clean out those closets and drawers.

Or in my case, organize my computer files. Yes, I’m still trying to get to that. Are there any specialists in that department out there? I’m looking for help. It’s one of those things that seems to keep going to the bottom of my list. Maybe this retrograde cycle will motivate me since it is in Virgo, which is the ultimate organizer. Or maybe I need to find a Virgo assistant. Wait a minute, my sister is a Virgo, but she lives too far away and she is too busy. Back to the drawing board!

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