Mercury Retrograde and the stock market

It always amazes me when people who know nothing about astrology all of a sudden become very interested as soon as the subject of Mercury retrograde arises — especially when it is retrograde. Everyone living on this planet can relate to this cycle. Even the media has mentioned it. I can recall watching CNBC when they were interviewing Arch Crawford, a well known financial astrologer. He was discussing how Mercury being retrograde affects the stock market. He had observed over the years that the stock market tends to change directions when Mercury goes retrograde. I feel so strongly about the importance of Mercury retrograde that I have devoted an entire chapter of my book, “An Astrologer’s Journey,” to this subject.

Mercury is the planet that rules communications, travel, computers, telephones, anything that is a communication or connection device. When Mercury is traveling in retrograde motion, which it does three times a year for twenty one days, these devices do not tend to function at their full or accurate capacity.

Mercury is considered one of the “personal planets” because it travels in close relationship to planet Earth. We feel its effects more personally than we do the outer planets — Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. Since Mercury is so up close and personal, we can relate to it on a daily basis, especially when it is traveling in retrograde motion

Mercury will be stationing retrograde on Oct. 4th @ 1:02 PM , EST in the sign of Scorpio and remain retrograde until Oct. 25 @ 3:17 PM, EST. However, it will not be operating at full steam until Nov.9th. So don’t expect everything to move magically forward on Oct. 25th.

When Mercury stations retrograde it gives us a chance to take a second look at things. This retrograde cycle is a time when we may be motivated and guided to re-look at or re-think about our investments, insurance coverage and policies and our joint finances. There may be a desire for us to retreat. We may want to re-think our old habit patterns and let go of the ones that do not serve us well. This can be an opportune time for self analysis and seeking counseling. This is an excellent time for spiritual and emotional growth.

Since Mercury is the messenger of the zodiac, it is likely that communications will be disrupted during its retrograde cycle. The minor irritations that arise most frequently during this particular Mercury Rx cycle are missed appointments, lost documents, faulty machinery, broken promises and well-intentioned but misleading information. This is a good time to rethink, regroup, reorganize, revisit, reread, rewrite and reevaluate.

Avoid initiating anything new during this period if possible. Use this cycle to fine tune and bring projects to completion. This is not a particularly good time to purchase any machinery such as a car, computer, television, telephone, answering machine or anything that is connected with communications or transportation.

Try to avoid signing contractual agreements during this period. This cycle is best used for clearing the decks of complications and listing long-range goals. I always look forward to this time to clean out my desk, closets and organize my life.

For more information about how this Mercury retrograde cycle may be affecting your life, Kelly Lowe is available for private readings by phone.

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