Mercury Retrograde Stricks Again

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Mercury Retrograde Stricks Again

Things don’t always turn out as planned when Mercury is Retrograde.You have to be flexible and the following is a perfect example.

On Saturday, October 4th, as Mercury was getting ready to station retrograde, I was on my way to attend a FaceBook 101 workshop at a location that I had never been before and I couldn’t find the building. I patiently kept driving up and down AIA determined to find where the workshop was being held. Finally, I stopped at a realty office to ask for help. I figured they knew where everything was and they did.

When I arrived at the workshop late, they were frantically trying to connect the power point machine to a computer that didn’t seem to be working. The instructor needed this for her FB presentation. I apologized for being late, explained that I had gotten lost and said that Mercury was retrograde. Of course no one knew what that meant. I forgot for a moment that I was speaking that different language that I refer to in my book.

When I said that I had my computer in the car, Daniela the instructor immediately asked me to bring it in. My computer worked perfectly for the class, but this threw a monkey wrench in my plans for the day.

My original plan was to just meet the instructor and stay for only a short time and set up a later appointment with her. I had another commitment to attend an open house at the Daytona Int’l Wellness Center. Then I needed to be back home by 1:30 because I was having company. I was pushed for time which is not a good position to put yourself in when Mercury is retrograde. Any thing that can go wrong will.

As it turns out Daniela and I did meet again the next day because she left her USB adapter for her wireless mouse in my computer. I discovered when we met that she was also very interested in finding out more about astrology since the morning of the workshop had been such a fiasco, from the printer not working, to the computer not working, to students who had registered not showing up and the ones that did come had not preregistered. She said if she had known about Mercury, she would not have scheduled her class for that day.

During our meeting the following day Daniela and I became friends as I told her about Mercury Rx, which she had already seen in action, and she shared her FB expertise with me.

Needless to say, since my computer was the main event I wasn’t able to leave early. The workshop was excellent. I learned a lot and was happy that I stayed, but disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend the open house that I had been looking forward to.

The moral of the story is that things don’t always turn out as planned when Mercury is Retrograde and you have to be flexible. There are many positive aspects to Mercury being retrograde.

You may want to re-read your copy of my book about how to use the Mercury retrograde energy. Or if you haven’t already ordered a copy, take advantage of my special offer.

Do you have a Mercury retrograde story that you would like to share? There’s still plenty of time since Mercury doesn’t go direct until the 25th of this month.

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