New Moon in Cancer, June 27, 2014

Feeling disconnected, out of sorts or unable to finish things? I’ve been getting a lot of inquires lately as to what is going on with the stars. So here is what’s happening.

Mercury is still traveling in retrograde motion in the sign of Gemini, creating an unsettled feeling. Perhaps you are just not sure what you should do first. The moon is in it’s waning phase, which means we are approaching a new moon this Friday, the 27th. However, keep in mind that we will first encounter the “balsamic” phase, also known as the “dark of the moon.” The combination of the lunar cycle and the Mercury Rx cycle is creating stagnation and delay. This is a time when we just need to be patient and allow things to unfold. It is not a favorable time to initiate anything new. You could use this as a time for completion.

The new moon in the sign of Cancer on June 27th will focus our attention on home and family matters. This is when you will want to reconnect and enjoy spending time with your loved ones. It is an ideal time to begin your home improvement projects and to get caught up with your domestic chores.

When the moon is in Cancer there is a tendency to be more emotional, sensitive and intuitive. It’s a great time to meditate and do introspective work.

Following the June 27th new moon we can look forward to Mercury going direct on July 1st. This is when we will begin to see the stagnation subside.

As I have said many times, “timing is everything.” I believe next week we will feel less encumbered and our limitations and confusion will dissipate.

Your feedback and comments are always appreciated and welcome.

Peace & light,


Kelly Lowe is an Astrological Consultant and the Author of “An Astrologer’s Journey.” Private appointments can be made through her website. She can help you plan and prepare for your future. Learn more about your relationships, career, the best place or places for you to live, love, work and play.

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