New Moon @ 23 degrees Leo Aug. 16, 2023 Are you ready to embrace something new?

Those who were born with their Sun/Moon or personal planets in Leo or Aquarius will find this New Moon to be especially significant. But, we will all resonate with this energy.

This is a time to tell the Universe your intentions and know that it will respond with love and support…a great time for setting your intention to be open to inspiration and follow through with any creative insights.

As the New Moon is square Uranus in Taurus, it’s all about change and embracing something new. We may find ourselves needing to adjust to changes that have already been made, and/or preparing for changes that are well overdue. If you find yourself adjusting to any new changes, you may be feeling like you are in unfamiliar territory, If that is the case, make the intention with the New Moon to be open to the changes that are being brought to you now, for they are trying to open your life to new possibilities.

If you do find yourself resisting changes that would benefit you, you may feel very restless, because you are outgrowing your current circumstances, and it is time to be freed up in order to explore something new. Are you ready for something new?

Venus is retrograde until Sept. 3rd , bringing attention to our values, relationships, finances and sense of security. Finances may change. You may find that you are more financially conservative and more attentive to your bank balance.

If you are in a relationship that is not fulfilling, you may find that it has become obvious and it is time to work it out or make a change. Re-evaluate these areas of your life.

Also, you may want to keep an eye on the stock market when Venus goes direct on

Sept. 3rd for a change in direction.

Aug. 23rd – Sept. 15th Mercury Rx- Time to re-group, re-visit, re-evaluate. This is not a favorable time to start something new or sign contracts. If you are traveling, be sure to double-check your reservation and carry on as much as you can, especially medications and essentials.

I think I mentioned that I will be traveling to Cleveland on the 25th to do my workshop for the Lake County Astrology Association on the 28th. I know, it’s not a favorable time to travel, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. So, I am not planning to check a bag.  I will be traveling light. I hope you will be able to join me virtually.

For more information about my up coming workshop please reach out to me and/or go to this link

Secret Keys to Relationships

I always enjoy hearing about your celebrations, joys and challenges and I respond to all communications. Remember to enjoy each day with love and gratitude.

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