Balsamic Moon April 9 – New Moon in Aries April 10

April 9 until April 10 @ 5:35 AM EDST  –  This is also known as the dark of the moon, which is NOT a good time to begin anything new.  This is the time that you will want to use for completion.  It is a quiet, working behind the scenes cycle.  You will want to hold off on any promotions or mailings if you are in direct sales.    This is the time for finishing that which you have already started.  It’s also a good time for research and gathering information.

April 10 – New Moon in Aries @ 5:35 AM EDST – This has all of the ingredients to be a very exciting and eventful new cycle.  This particular new moon will be accompanied by Mars, Venus and Uranus.  This should prove to be an especially active time for the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The new Moon is always a good time to begin new projects and endeavors, especially when it is in Aries.  With Mars, Venus, Uranus, the Sun and Moon all clustered in the sign of Aries it intensifies this high energy and strong motivation cycle.

Caution …. be aware that when the new moon is in Aries people tend to be more enthusiastic, ambitious and impulsive.  Watch out for tempers flaring, especially when driving.

Kelly Lowe,  Astrological Counselor & Author of  “An Astrologer’s Journey”

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