New Moon in Sagittarius – Using the power of the lunar cycle

One of my favorite and most reliable astrological timing tools is the lunar cycle.  As the moon travels from new to full each month it can be a tremendous aid for planning and timing events.  Following the lunar cycle each month is just like having your own personal GSP for your journey through life. Following and understanding the lunar cycle can give you a tremendous edge in your professional and personal life.  Follow my blog and learn more about how how you can take advantage of this powerful tool.

On December 12th the moon will  be in what is known as the balsamic phase until 3:42 AM  EST on December 13 – This phase is also called the “dark of the Moon,” which is when the sun’s light is not reflective. It is not a good time to initiate any projects that you would want to have long-term results. This is also not the best time to be making new contacts if you are in sales or marketing, nor is it the best time to sign any contracts or legal documents. However if you must sign documents, make certain you read the small print for details.

Since the moon has no light during this cycle, this time is best used for self-reflection and introspection. This should be a quiet, working behind the scenes time. It would be best to avoid high expectations, major decisions or physical projects. You will want to focus on mental tasks for best use of your time. This is a great time to plan and prepare for what you want to do during the new moon cycle.

On December 13  the-New Moon will be  in Sagittarius @ 3:42 AM EST – This is a time when people should feel more optimistic and energetic. This is a great time to initiate anything that you would want to have longevity. It a good time to set off on a journey; physical or mental. You may sign up for a new class or perhaps begin plans for a trip.

This is a time when people will tend to be more  open to new ideas.  You will want to take advantage of this new moon in Sagittarius as it only comes around once a year and hopefully it will bring us all great Cheer.

Kelly Lowe,  Astrologer

Author of An Astrologer’s Journey


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