New Moon & Mars Stationing Retrograde

January 23rd – New Moon in Aquarius @ 2:39 AM EST – The New Moon is always a good time to initiate new projects and ideas. This can be a very accelerating time. Keep in mind that Mars will also be stationing retrograde on this day, which may throw a kink in what would normally be a very enthusiastic cycle. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

When the Moon is in Aquarius it is a wonderful time to think out of the box.  You can be creative and do things in a new and different way.  You may become more interested in spending time on your computer, astrology, public and social affairs and have more interest in  the over all well being of others during this lunar cycle.

If you were born with your sun or moon in Aquarius this lunar cycle will be very personal and significant for you.  It will be a great time for you to take the initiative to begin something new and different.  You can be more inspired to become the unique and adventurous person that you truly are.

January 23rd – Mars Stations Retrograde in Virgo – Unlike Mercury, which stations retrograde 3 times a year for 21 days, Mars only goes retrograde every 2 years for almost 3 months.  During this cycle you are likely to notice a change in your energy level. You may experience frustration in areas of your life pertaining to which ever house Mars is stationing in.  For example if Mars is stationing in your 6th house there may be frustration pertaining to your work environment, or someone you work with.

When Mars is retrograde it can be disruptive to your routine and habits.  Sudden reversals of interest (passion) and drive (ambition) are likely to occur during this retrograde cycle. This cycle also brings issues to the surface which one has either forgotten or deliberately repressed because of their disruptive qualities.

On a physical level (after all Mars is all about the physical energy) you may find yourself wanting to do 5 minutes less on the treadmill or a few less reps on the weight machines.  You may even hit the snooze button an extra time or two.  I guess you are sensing by now, that this is a cycle that requires a conservation of energy.  Less is more and better.  Remember the story about the tortoise and the hare.  Patience will be a true virtue for you.   This will be easier for some then for others.  Those born with their Sun, Moon or ascendant in Aries and/or Virgo will be especially affected by this retrograde cycle.

 This would be a good time to practice yoga, tae chi, or some of the other more methodical slower moving arts.

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