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For those of you who live in the areas recently touched by hurricane Irma, I hope this newsletter finds you safe and in good health. Irma’s impacts were widely varied. For some it was dramatic and life changing, like having a tree fall on your house, or being flooded, and for others it was an inconvenience. And for others it may have been more labor intensive, like cleaning the debris from your backyard or mopping up water.
I personally feel very fortunate and blessed that I never lost electricity or had any water damage. My only inconvenience was the challenge of living without cable TV, internet and my landline for five days (which are all tied into my cable package). The same thing happened to me when Matthew paid us a visit last October.
Although I was out of touch with the outside world and the news to a certain extent during the storm and the loss of my internet and cable, I continued to be mindful of what was going on with the planets. I was and continue to be connected to the lunar cycle. I was especially concerned that the intense Category 5 hurricane was preparing for landfall as we were approaching the full moon on the 6th and kept her destructive force until the 9th when the intensity began to wind down.
The good news is that we are currently in the waning days of the lunar cycle and people who live in the wake of Irma’s path are beginning to put their lives back together again.
The waning phase of the moon is when we want to plan and think about what we want to start new. Think about what intentions you want to set with the new moon, which will be September 20th @ 1:30am est.
The new moon is an excellent time to plant the seeds and set your intentions for that which you want to attract into your life. Take out a piece of paper and pen and write them down on the day of the new moon. If you have already been in the practice of doing this, take out your list and revisit it.  Revise it if necessary.  Give it life.  Give it energy to manifest. Meditate with it.  How badly do you want it to become reality for your? What is your hearts desire?
The Farmer’s Almanac refers to the new moon as the time to plant the seed. And the full moon is the time to harvest that which you have planted. If you were born with your sun or moon in Virgo this is an especially important time for you to set your intentions.

So what has been on your mind? What are your intentions? Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a private coaching session. I always enjoy hearing from you.

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Have a wonderful day!

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