New Years Resolutions, reflectioning on the past

I can remember when I was younger.  Notice I say younger, not young,  I had a totally different attitude about the New Year and New Years Eve.  It was a really big deal. I had to be doing something really exciting on New Years Eve.  In fact, I even got married one New Years Eve.  Now that was a really big deal, many, many Moons  eclipses ago.

I can recall another year, when I was a teenager my family and I were at Time Square.  Another year we camped out on the sidewalk in Pasadena the night before the Parade of Roses. My Mother loved to plan exciting New Years Eves. In fact she chose that as her wedding night too.

Then there were the years when I used New Years Eve and New Years Day as a time of reflection and making resolutions for the coming year. In fact Jimmy Buffett and I spend one New Years Eve on my sailboat.  I made resolutions like, I’m going to loose weight, exercise more and work harder.  Why didn’t I ever decided to have more fun and play harder?  I guess it’s because it’s not the way I was brought up.  And because, as I mentioned in my book, An Astrologer’s Journey, my dear Mother was a Capricorn task master.  She taught me to be responsible and instilled a strong work ethic in me which has served me well.

 Now New Years Eve and New Years resolutions have taken a different turn.  It’s not so important to be at Time Square or the Parade of Roses.  A quite dinner at our favorite restaurant and watching the fireworks with my husband over looking the beach from our balcony is my ideal News Years Eve. 

 As I reflect on 2013, I am great full that my husband is still cancer free and that we are both in good health.  I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people thought my astrology work. I have enjoyed working with my clients, doing workshops and book signing.  And I have enjoyed my ladies golf league.

 In 2014 I look forward to improving my golf game, doing more reading, more writing, more workshops and working with my clients.

May you enjoy peace, light & love,

Kelly Lowe, Astrological Counselor/Author of An Astrologer’s

Note:    Kelly can help you plan and prepare for your future. Learn more about your relationships, career, the best place or places for you to live, love, work and play. What better way to start the new year than with a consultation and planning session.

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