Plentary Alignments With the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn

Early morning risers (pre-dawn), are in for a spectacular treat on Aug. 23rd as the Moon will conjoin Venus and Jupiter in Leo. The harmony of these three planets will generate heightened combined energy. Venus will be the brighter, while Jupiter, being much further from earth will appear smaller and yellowish in color.

This planetary configuration will promote feelings of enthusiasm, romance, generosity and over all well being. So you may want to get up early and enjoy the day. It’s a great day to visit an art gallery, go to a movie or a concert and/or go out to dinner. Have a party or visit with friends. Those who were born with their Sun, Moon or ascendant in the sign of Leo, Aries or

Sagittarius will especially resonate with this energy.

On Aug. 31st the Moon will conjoin Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. This planetary configuration will be visible after sunset. Mars will appear reddish, while Saturn will twinkle.

This Moon/Mars/Saturn trio is a whole different story. There is a tendency for discord with this planetary energy. It’s best to avoid confrontational situations and lay low today. Tempers could flair as people tend to have a short fuse. Try to stay out of the line of fire. It can be a great day to work on a project alone. The Mars/Saturn conjunction is known for its support of structured energy.

Those who were born with their Sun, Moon or ascendant in Scorpio will especially resonate to this Scorpion trio.

Enjoy your journey through this eventful planetary cycle. Have fun and stay calm.

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