Predictions for the outcome of the election

Presidental Election & Mercury Rx
October 20, 2012
November 28th Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
November 28, 2012

Predictions for the outcome of the election

I had originally written an article on Oct. 21, long before we knew anything about the development of  hurricane Sandy.  It appears that once again astrology proves to be true to form. The storm will no doubt have an impact on the election on the east coast and turn out to be one of the unexpected factors that I was talking about.  Although I suspect there will be more unpredictable and unexpected events taking place this Election Day and the days to follow.

Although I do have a strong preference for the out come of this election, I would not pretend to make a predictable out come.  It is my belief that any astrologer can make a good case for the candidate of their choice. It’s like the saying goes, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” I believe the predicted winner is also in the eyes of the astrologers and the polls takers who are making the prediction.  Each of us has a strong preference and can build a strong case for our candidate.

In my book, “An Astrologer’s Journey, I intentionally stay away from politics per say, but I did devote a chapter to the subject of the Mercury retrograde cycle.  Of course this election is taking place on the day that Mercury is stationing retrograde, hence, confusion and an unpredictable outcome.

This was my oponion on Oct 21 and I have not changed my mind.  I’ve had many inquiries about who I think, astrologically, is going to win the election on November 6th.  I believe it would be virtually impossible for anyone to predict the outcome of this presidential election due to the following circumstances:

Mercury will be stationing retrograde on election day. Mercury was retrograde in 2000, when George W. Bush was elected and we had the “hanging chads” in Florida, and in 1960 when John F. Kennedy was elected and the results were so close that Nixon did not concede until the day after the election. 

Mercury was retrograde on Inauguration Day when Obama was sworn into office and there was a glitch during the oath causing him to repeat it.

As if Mercury Rx were not enough, we also have Uranus in the mix influencing Mercury on Election Day.  Uranus is known for its unpredictability and Mercury is the planet that rules mental activity.  It just so happens that Uranus and Mercuy also rule  machinery.  It will be interesting to see how the voting  machines work. As you can see there will be a lot going on that day. I don’t believe that all the polls in the world are going to be able to predict the outcome of this election. 

There are still so many undecided voters that will be making last minute decisions.  I think  it’s going to be very close and we may not even know the outcome of the election until the next day.  There will be something going on that we don’t expect.  If we think one candidate is going win it will probably be the other one. 

 What I think is that we can prepare ourselves to expect the unexpected. But then I guess it wouldn’t be unexpected.

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